It is with great enthusiasm that the Zack's Crib team would like to introduce our Volunteer Coordinator/Fundraising Manager, Kelly Howard.

Kelly joined the Zack's Crib team this past year and her becoming a part of this fantastic group has been an incredible blessing. We are grateful to have her on board as she has a fantastic background with ample experience in both capacities.

Kelly is a great contributor where this entire community is concerned and she perfectly compliments this team.

Although she says very little about herself in this interview, we want to let you know that we value the person she is, the effort she consistently invests in this project and the energy she brings to the table.

We want to sincerely thank Kelly for EVERYTHING she does for Zack's Crib, the members of the team and the future recipients of all combined efforts for this project.

You are a truly valuable member of this team!

Without further ado, we present to you, Kelly Howard and details concerning her role as Volunteer Coordinator/Fundraising Manager. Enjoy the read!

1. Could you describe your role as Volunteer Coordinator and what that position entails?

In my role, I compile a list of volunteers from our community; people who would be willing to help out at our promotional or fundraising events. Volunteers might be interested in lending a hand in other capacities such as gathering and sorting donated items for the Zack’s Crib residence. Anyone interested in volunteering can let me know what type of volunteering they would like to do.

2. Could you explain the responsibilities of a “Fundraising Manager” with the Zack’s Crib organization?

As a Fundraising manager I keep track of and coordinate the fundraising events that Zack’s Crib facilitates. I can also provide guidance and assistance to anyone in the community who would like to host their own fundraising event that would benefit Zack’s Crib.

3. What is the purpose of having a Volunteer Coordinator and a Fundraising Manager for an organization such as Zack’s Crib?

Fundraising is integral to the success of Zack’s Crib, as there are many costs associated with this project. Financing the building that will be home to Zack’s Crib, and furnishing and staffing the residence, are some of the major costs that fundraising will help us meet. Our Fundraising events not only help us reach our financial goals but also serve as a means of promoting Zack’s Crib and our vision to meet the needs of the homeless population in our community. Our events cannot happen without our volunteers. Having a Volunteer Coordinator ensures that we continue to build our volunteer base, and utilize our volunteers’ strengths, which in turn, helps our events run in an organized and successful manner.

4. What are some of the projects you’ve worked on/are working on as the Fundraising Manager?

Prior to joining the Zack’s Crib Board in January, I chaired the Zack’s Crib 2020 New Years Eve event. This event raised $7437.93 for Zack’s Crib. During the summer of 2020 I was coordinating a Fishing Derby which would take place on Lake Temiskaming. Due to Covid 19 this event has been postponed to the summer of 2021. Currently we are helping Sarah Marsden, Miss Northern Galaxy, coordinate a bottle drive for August 8th and 9th, where ½ of the proceeds will be going to Zack’s Crib

5. If one wants to offer their time to volunteer for Zack’s Crib, how do they go about doing that? Who do they contact and how?

Anyone who is interested in joining Zack’s Crib as a volunteer, or who would like more information about volunteering or our fundraising events can contact me at

6. Do you have a group of volunteers already? If so, can you tell us a little bit about their role with Zack’s Crib and the importance of that role?

We do currently have a group of volunteers. Many have helped out at various BBQ fundraisers, parades, information kiosks, and at our New Years Eve gala. Volunteers are important to the success of any of our fundraising or promotional events, and without them we would not be able to hold many of our events.

7. What are the typical steps to becoming a volunteer? (criminal check, etc.)

Once an interested person has reached out to me or to Zack’s Crib, I will contact them and gather the information needed to help me determine how the person may want to volunteer, as well as their contact information. Volunteers will be asked to complete a (free) criminal background check with the OPP.

8. How did you become a member of the Zack’s Crib team? What lead you to joining this effort?

After chairing the New Years Eve Event, and working closely with Yves and Lianne Paillé, I was approached by Lianne Paillé to join the Zack’s Crib Board.

9. Can you talk a bit about your experience in fundraising and volunteer coordinating?

In the past I have worked for Festivals New Liskeard and the New Liskeard BIA as their respective Coordinators. In that capacity I organized various events including the New Liskeard Downtown Summerfest, and in 1998 I organized the Spirit of the North Music Festival. I was the Opening and Closing Ceremony Director of the 1997 Games for the Physically Disable which was hosted in New Liskeard. I was the co founder of the Bean Pub Coffee House, which was a series of coffee house style music fundraisers. I was the Organizer for the New Liskeard Terry Fox Run between 2008 and 2018. All of my events relied heavily on volunteers, so coordinating a healthy volunteer list has been woven into all of my event coordinating endeavours.

10. How important is it for an organization such as Zack’s Crib to have fundraising events, volunteers and the community support you have so clearly been receiving to date?

As I mentioned, the role that fundraising has and will continue to have within Zack’s Crib is crucial to our success in seeing this vision of a residence for our homeless population happen. We will continue to raise money, and seek donations so that we can meet the needs of the homeless in our community. Volunteers will be relied upon to help us facilitate our events both in fundraising, and in promoting our mission and vision. As we move forward there will be new roles for volunteers that may be directly related to the residence. Community support is the backbone of Zack’s Crib. From Community support we have developed our Board, our volunteer base, and many community partners who share the vision of Zack’s Crib. We are a strong community that comes together in times of celebration and in times of caring. There is homelessness in our community and minimizing the negative impact that it has on those involved requires the support of our community. That support can come in the form of volunteering, attending fundraising events or educating one’s self on what homelessness looks like and how Zack’s Crib can help. I encourage anyone who is unsure of how they can help to reach out to Zack’s Crib with their questions, and we will do our best to provide the information that one may be looking for.

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