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What We Do

Lending a Helping Hand

Founded in 2018, the Zack's Crib team has been working hard with the help of our volunteers and community as a whole, to raise money to get a safe bed facility up and running for Temiskaming Shores and the area. Our work is dedicated to funding, developing and establishing, a safe bed facility at this time.  This project will develop in phases and the ultimate goal is to offer this community an in-house program to assist individuals who are dealing with homelessness and the issues that led to the predicament. Phase 1 will be the safe bed facility. Phase 2 will see this facility graduate into a shelter for homeless individuals and Phase 3 will see the development of programs, services and more for this shelter. This establishment will allow individuals experiencing homelessness, to both find shelter, and the resources they need to create a life in which they feel secure, healthy, happy and develop a sense of belonging. Get in touch to learn how you can make a difference.

Temiskaming Shores and area Safe Bed Facility

Offering support to individuals dealing with homelessness

Zack's Crib, at this time, is a group of community-oriented individuals working towards developing and establishing a safe bed facility for those who are dealing with homelessness. We sincerely appreciate your support in all of our fundraising projects and efforts. Contact us for volunteering and fundraising opportunities.

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"To end homelessness in Temiskaming Shores and Area."


"Promote, coordinate and provide services that alleviate and prevent homelessness."

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Our Cause

The Zack's Crib project came to fruition when some parents who were struggling to find the right services for their son, started talking to other people who were either living similar situations or wanted to help. The reality today, is that we are having to work hard to find the appropriate resources to access the help people need. These people are our children, our parents, and our loved ones and they are in dire need of support. One of the most fundamental needs is that of adequate housing, something that is lacking not just in our community, but in most others as well. Our goal is to start by offering a safe bed to those dealing with homelessness. From there, once we are established and have developed a better understanding of the needs in our community, we hope to grow and offer more in-depth services and support. What this will look like, our team has yet to establish. With our community members' help, the great volunteers we work with, and our amazing board members, we expect to make immense progress in helping this community address homelessness and the causes; the issues that lead to the predicament.

Eliminating Homelessness in the Timiskaming District


Education will help to work through the barriers. Our team has spoken to several groups in the community regarding the challenges someone faces that leads them to homelessness.  We hope to offer countless opportunities to educate those who are willing and alleviate the concern attached to housing individuals who are struggling. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or you are looking to learn more about a specific issue connected to homelessness. If we dont' have the answer, we will find someone who does!

Giving a voice to the homeless


Our ultimate goal is to empower those who feel as though they have nowhere to go; to provide strength and support to those who are struggling with issue that have lead them to homelessness. We want to 'talk' to our community about their citizens who struggle and deserve our help so that they no longer fear the unknowns of addiction, mental health issues and illnesses, family violence and all other issues that may cause or lead to homelessness.

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Upcoming Events

  • All (LARGE GROUP) events are on "pause" until further notice unfortunately.
    All (LARGE GROUP) events are on "pause" until further notice unfortunately.
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    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Given the current health situation, the Zack's Crib board has chosen to put all planned EVENTS on hold. We continue welcoming any opportunities for fundraising if done while respecting the current physical distancing regulations. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas.

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Get in touch with Zack's Crib to discover more about our work, how to donate or volunteer. We thank you for your support.

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