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Ms. Lori-Ann Moore speak to me about Indigenous Homelessness.  This is something Lori is deeply passionate about trying to address in our community, and more specifically, in the indigenous community.  If you have any questions, comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at Zack's Crib.  We sincerely thank Lori for having taken the time to answer this question and spak to me about this topic.  She is a valued member of this team!  In her infinite wisdom, Lori quotes Jesse Thistle in this interview and below, we offer you an elaboration to complement what Lori has talked about.  

Indigenous homelessness is a human condition that describes First Nations, Métis and Inuit individuals, families or communities lacking stable, permanent, appropriate housing, or the immediate prospect, means or ability to acquire such housing. Unlike the common colonialist definition of homelessness, Indigenous homelessness is not defined as lacking a structure of habitation; rather, it is more fully described and understood through a composite lens of Indigenous worldviews. These include: individuals, families and communities isolated from their relationships to land, water, place, family, kin, each other, animals, cultures, languages and identities. Importantly, Indigenous people experiencing these kinds of homelessness cannot culturally, spiritually, emotionally or physically reconnect with their Indigeneity or lost relationships (Aboriginal Standing Committee on Housing and Homelessness, 2012).  Jesse Thistle


We would like to acknowledge the fact that we are on Algonquin territory, home of the Temiskaming First Nation .

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